• Knight Bracelet
  • Knight Bracelet
Love & Above

Knight Bracelet


The Meta Collection is a meaningful and powerful line of semi-precious stone bracelets. The collection is inspired by Meta Centre's drive to recognize the individuality and strength of every person they serve.

The stones utilized in this line each possess their own meaning and power, paralleling the inherent dignity and value of the individuals Meta Centre supports. The collection promotes harmony, strength, protection, mindfulness and positive energy.

50% of net-proceeds from each bracelet sold will be kindly donated to the Meta Centre.



Lava is a molten fluid rock, erupting from a volcano and solidifying. This stone encourages strength, courage and stability.

 Set includes 1, 6mm bracelet & 1, 10mm bracelet in your choice of size. 

Hand made with semi-precious stones and sterling silver accents.