Love and Above was founded by Veronica Marziale and Stefania Baccarella in the summer of 2016. Veronica integrated her skills in design and artistic talent to create bracelets, and Stefania collaborated with friends and family to promote sales.

In July of 2016, the project began to take off as interest in bracelets increased quickly. Through creating and promoting Wish bracelets, Veronica and Stefania were able to generate a donation of $40,000 in their first 9 months of operation, benefitting Jordana Fiorini’s DIPG research fund at SickKids Foundation.

To date, over 4000 Wish bracelets have been made, with 50% of proceeds benefitting Canadian charities. Love & Above has donated upwards of $50,000 to local charities and families in need through the sales of their socially conscious products. Veronica and Stefania continue to branch out in support of other worthy initiatives.


Stefania completed her Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Family & Community Social Services and Social Service Worker diploma at the University of Guelph-Humber. She is currently obtaining her Master's Degree in Social Work at the University of Toronto. Stefania currently works as an inclusive recreation specialist for children with special needs, but hopes to one-day work as a clinical social worker. She has always enjoyed being creative through the performing arts, and improvisational acting. Stefania is driven in working with people to create positive community outcomes through Love and Above.


I met Stef sometime, way back in high school when I was spending way too much time painting murals and not enough time doing Math homework. Although we rarely hung around the same crowds back then, our friendship grew after attending several of her mothers “Mom Parties” while chatting around a table of sliced bread and her dad’s homemade sausage until the early hours of the morning. What bonds people better than bread and sausage other than many midnight trips to Walmart, failed attempts at going to the gym and SEVERAL McFlurry runs. I always know how to test her social worker skills by presenting her with something that’s bothering me, just like she definitely tests my skills when she has to bake, which might I add she hates doing. There isn’t a big enough word to describe Stef’s sparkly personality and is probably one of the only people on this planet that can make me CRY of laughter. With her there is never a dull moment, especially not on Snapchat. I hope that one day I can be the executive producer of her reality TV show, where the opening song is Stefania singing an Elvis Crespo song, because lets face it she never misses a lyric. You’re a 10/10 girl, don’t ever quit. 


Veronica received her Bachelor of Design at Ryerson University in Fashion. She currently works as a junior designer in a bridal company in Toronto. Veronica enjoys working on various creative projects such as graphic design, clothing and accessory design, party planning, drawing and painting. She also enjoys using her creativity in the kitchen and spends many weekend afternoons feeding and entertaining friends and family. A true creative genius, Veronica brought her style and compassion together to help create Love and Above.


Vero is my best friend, toughest critic, creative director and source of any and all good eats. Whether she is helping me create the perfect winged eyeliner or describing how hard she would kick a guy in his family jewels for me, she is an essential part of my life. Some interesting facts about Vero are that she hates burgundy, is obsessed with Japanese culture, spends more time than she probably should trying to learn Swedish and that she ALWAYS has chocolate on hand. ALWAYS. Vero is a genuinely GOOD person who created Love and Above as an outlet for her creativity and a way to support amazing charitable initiatives throughout Canada. If that’s not someone you want directing your life, I don’t know who is.