Jordana's Rainbows

Infinite Rainbows Bracelet


Introducing our newest bracelet to the Jordana's Rainbows Collection. The Infinite Rainbows Bracelet comes in 16 beautiful colours. 

Each one of the 16 beautiful shades is made with nylon thread, sterling silver and perfectly adjustable in size. 

Every bracelet sold helps to support us in our fight to find a cure for paediatric brain tumors, which claim the lives of more children than any other form of childhood cancer. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Jordana Fiorini’s Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) research fund at SickKids Hospital in Toronto.


Regular Price:  $35

Pre-sale Pricing - September 4th-21st: 

1 @ $32

2 @ $30 each

3+ @ $28.34 each


PLEASE NOTE: bracelets will ship after September 21st once the pre-sale is over. Bracelets will return to their regular price after pre-sale.



RED - Strength, Passion, Courage

ORANGE - Happiness, Creativity, Determination

YELLOW - Intellect, Spontaneity, Determination

GREEN - Growth, Harmony, Kindness

OLIVE GREEN - Safety, Peace, Ambition

BLUE - Trust, Loyalty, Wisdom

INDIGO - Power, Devotion, Fairness

VIOLET - Royalty, Independence, Imagination

LILAC - Romance, Nostalgia, Magic

PINK - Compassion, Love, Energy

BLUSH PINK - Friendship, Faithfulness, Integrity

NEON YELLOW - Friendliness, Energy, Charisma

NEON PINK - Playful, Happiness, Sociable 

BLACK - Elegance, Mystery, Grace

GREY - Stability, Sophistication, Timeless

WHITE - Innocence, Purity, Peace