Navy Street

In June of 2016, Navy Street was created by Founder Sandra Longo in honour of her mother who became a paraplegic 32 years ago.  This charity is dedicated to donating portable wheelchair ramps to individuals who have been impacted by a tragic spinal cord injury. 
Sandra chooses to look for the good in every situation, and she believed that something beautiful had to come out of something so tragic.  There had to be a purpose for it all, and thats how she came up with the idea of Navy Street to help create the path for wheelchairs that was in such need.
Together we came up with “The Strength Bracelet”.  This bracelet is truly in honour of the challenges that others tragically have to face.  The proceeds from this bracelet will help donate portable wheelchair ramps within the community through Navy Street Charity (  
Sandra believes in destiny, so when she came across the Love and Above Instagram page, she just knew that we were going to work together!